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Rustic Strength

Automatic Dishwasher Powder (reFILL)

Automatic Dishwasher Powder (reFILL)

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This fantastic toxin-free, plastic-free powder formula for automatic dishwashers is 100% biodegradable and has zero nasty chemicals. Get ready to ditch those yucky plastic tabs!


Why we think you'll like it:

It's powerful
Cleans and shines dishes with ease- it even cleans the inside of your dishwasher too!
(And when was the last time you cleaned the inside of your dishwasher?)

It's environmentally conscious
100% concentrated & free of water. You only need to use enough to fill your dishwasher's detergent receptacle.

It's universal
Rustic Strength designed this product to be compatible and effective with any dishwasher model, mode setting, or dish load-- so whether it was made in 2020 or 1962, is half-full or half-empty, is on eco mode or on rainbow unicorn sparkles mode, this powder will work great!


*please note: this product is a reFILL which will be shipped in a brown paper bag so that you can reFILL a container you already have!

If you are needing a new container, please browse our selection available here.

Together, we’re keeping additional bottles out of our landfills and toxins out of your home.


Sodium Carbonate, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric AcidSodium, Percarbonate, Sodium Metasilicate, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Chloride

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How Does It Work?

Come empty, leave fulFILLed

At fulFILLed Lifestyle Co., we make it easy for you to reduce single-use plastic waste. We encourage you to reuse your own containers and reFILL them with eco-friendly household and personal care products. “Refillables” are sold by the ounce, so you only pay for the amount of product you need—saving money and reducing plastic pollution.

Instructions on how to refill your personal care and cleaning products

Bring Your Own Container:

  • Bring your own jar or container or purchase one at our refill station. Ensure your containers are empty, clean, and dry before refilling. View container prep tips below

Weigh Your Container:

  • Refills are sold by the ounce. We weigh your empty container (tare) prior to filling.

Fill and Weigh Again:

  • Fill up your container with your desired product and then weigh it again. This way you’ll only be charged for the product itself and not the packaging.

*Please see these tips for best practices.

Can you ship my reFILL to me?

Unfortunately, we have not found a more eco-friendly or sustainable solution for shipping items found at our local reFILLery. But we do have a really great selection of shippable products that you can buy online and come in to reFILL when you're ready! (Or at your nearest local refillery if you're not local).

Do you deliver?

We do not currently offer regular delivery, but it is something we are trying to figure out logistics on! Please contact us to request special delivery options or for bulk purchasing.

Where is the reFILLery located?

You can find us at

6699 N Landmark Drive Suite G103
Park City, UT 84098

What are your reFILLery hours?

We are currently open Wednesday- Saturday 11 am- 7 pm.

Can I bring my own container?

Absolutely! We would love nothing more than to see you reusing what you already have. We just ask that your container is clean + dry (for sanitation and ease of FILLing).

What products do you have available for reFILL?

You can find a full list of what we have on tap here.